Instantly Try Mobile Games in Ads!

AdTrial is an Ad Network 100% Dedicated to High-Quality Playable Ads


Easy, straightforward integration. Keep your users happy with superior, revenue-boosting playable ads representative of actual games.


Get engaged users, not just installs. AdTrial delivers dedicated players with high retention, since they’ve already tried your game in the ad.

How Does it Work?

AdTrial works similar to a “rewarded video ads” network – but instead of just watching an ad, user can try actual games in the ad space, no installation required.

See it

User can try a game for a reward

Try it

User instantly plays the timed demo

Download it

User can download the game advertised

Depending on the user’s Internet connection, AdTrial displays:

A streamed mobile game demo via our in-house technology


Preloaded, custom-made playable ads that mimic the advertised game

Benefits for Developers

Supported framework:

Benefits for a Advertisers

Get certified installs

We’re proud to be officially integrated with the following third-party attribution solutions:

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Beta participants

Here are just some of the great games active in AdTrial’s beta program:

AdTrial is currently invite-only

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