Instantly Try Mobile Games in Ads!

AdTrial is an Ad Network 100% Dedicated to Playable Ads.


Easy & straigntforward integration. Keep users happy with high quality playable ads & make more money.


Achieve the ultimate goal, on-board new players easily! Get qualified users who already played your game in the ad.

How Does it Work?

AdTrial is similar to Rewarded Video network but instead of watching a video, the user can actually try a game directly in the ad space without installation.

See it

User plays demo for a reward

Try it

Instant in-ad no install timed demo

Download it

User downloads the game

Depending on the user Internet connection our Ad Server displays:

Streamed Mobile game demo using our in-house technology.


Preloaded custom made Playable ads that mimic the game to advertise.

Benefits for Developers

Supported Framework :

Benefits for a Advertisers

Get certified Installs

We are pround to be officialy integrated to the following third party attribution solutions:

In the Press

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They Join the Beta ..

Here are just a few of the great games that have joined the AdTrial beta program.

Join the Private Beta

We are currently invite-only and we welcome Developers and Advertisers who want to try out our network and self served Dashboard.